About Sturdy

STURDY (Feetje’s big brother) is a Dutch brand for tough boys available in sizes 92 up to and including 140. STURDY is for cool and adventurous kids who have style. 

Delivering two collections each year, divided over three themes per season we offer a wide range of styles. Theme items can be perfectly mixed and matched. Making it easy to create your own personal STURDY look.

, the tough clothing brand for boys, is launching the new collection for the 2022 winter season in July. In the collection, which will be available in sizes 92 to 140, warm colours predominate. The new winter collection includes cool hoodies, cool trousers and warm winter socks.

The season starts with Ticket to Fun. This first theme of the STURDY winter collection includes colours like navy, brown and camel and is the theme for the daredevils, the stuntmen and the adventurers. In August, it's time for the biggest little rock stars. The Greatest theme combines warm colours such as sandy brown and brique with cool guitars and backstage moves. And who knows... maybe you'll spot a dino? The winter season ends with the Talking Tiger theme: shades of green and burgundy, gorillas and tigers. Are you up to it?

STURDY is the boys' brand for 'the cool kids' who love an adventure in style and is the tough brother of JUBEL girls' clothing and FEETJE. Ticket to Fun, the first part of the new winter collection, will be in shops in July 2022.

“ Dangerously fun to wear ”